Faculty & Staff Involvement

The participation of USC faculty and staff is a critical element of the Student Recognition Awards. Faculty and staff are uniquely equipped to identify students deserving of recognition due to their meaningful contact with each student during their time at USC. Faculty and staff ensure that a diverse array of worthy students are represented at the Student Recognition Awards by nominating eligible outstanding students.


Faculty and staff are eligible to nominate graduating undergraduate and graduate students. Each nominator is responsible for completing the online nomination form, supplying relevant information about each nominee’s co-curricular involvement at USC and how their work aligns with USC’s unifying values and the Student Recognition Rubric. Faculty and staff may nominate as many students they deem worthy of consideration

Nomination applications for the 2024 ceremony open December 11, 2023.

Eligibility Information:

  • Students may only be nominated by current USC faculty and staff.
  • Students have pursued academic excellence in addition to devoting extensive time and energy in service outside the classroom.
  • Eligible students must be scheduled to complete their program and graduate within the 2023 – 24 academic year (Fall 2023, Spring 2024, or Summer 2024).
  • Nominators should not be related to their nominees.
  • Student nominees should not be involved in the selection process.
  • Only complete nominations will be considered.

Volunteer Opportunities

Nomination Reviewers: Faculty and staff are also encouraged to participate in the Student Recognition awarding process. If you are interested in reviewing the nominations and serving on the committee that selects the recipients for each award, please email uscsrc@usc.edu.

Ceremony Volunteers: Volunteers are also needed at the award ceremony to both support and honor students who made a meaningful impact at USC. Volunteers are also eligible to reserve a seat for themselves ahead of time. Please email uscsrc@usc.edu if you are interested in volunteering at the ceremony.